Dry stone walling

Hillside job

A variety of walls were built using reclaimed random walling stone. A large retaining wall built on a curve plus two parallel walls enclosing a flight of stone steps. Two dry stone pillars were formed at the base of the steps.

Moorside job

This was a gap filling job on part of a 6 foot high boundary wall that had fell down due to high winds.

Nab job

This was a large job which involved changing the entrance to an old farm drive. Two large dry stone pillars were constructed to hang a pair of wooden automated gates from. One side wall was built on a tight upward curve and the other built to join to the existing boundary wall. The walls were built to be stockproof and therefore were 4 foot 6 inches high, taller where they met the pillars.

Construction of stone pillars around steel RSJ

Side wall returns and finished project

Ingersley Hall job

This job involved re-building a curved wall at the rear entrance to the estate. The wall was built using traditional lime mortar.

Endon Cottage job

After particularly heavy rain, a partial landslide behind an old 8ft high retaining wall caused the whole thing to come crashing down. After clearing the site and erecting extensive scaffolding, we were able to build a double sided curved wall where the old one used to be.