Mortared walling

Working at St John's church in Bollington, we were asked to enlarge the columbarium. By knocking down an existing wall we were able to construct a new wall using the reclaimed original stone. The walls were built with diminishing courses and lime mortar.

We installed two marble plaques in the wall surrounding the Reverend Palmers grave, which we removed from the inside of St John's church. The plaques were dedicated to the Reverend George Palmer, who was the first vicar at St John's when construction of the building was finished in 1833 and his son Herbert, upon their deaths.

We constructed another wall perpendicular to the last one, with an 18" buttress at each end to give the stone panel extra strength.

We were able to build the back of this wall with concrete block as it was to be rendered with lime plaster later. The corners were hand dressed on site.

The marble font from inside the church had to be destroyed when the church was sold and so it was cut into pieces, five of which we set into the wall. We also had the stone name plate restored and made provision for it to go in the wall along with a space for a noticeboard.