Entrance walls

Using reclaimed coarsed stone we built an entrance wall in a dry stone style with a mortar infill.

We re-positioned the stone lintel above the bridge and rebuilt the left hand side column supporting the lintel. Then continued the wall over the bridge to a dry stone pillar.

We built another smaller pillar to act as a gatepost for the adjacent driveway, and connected it to the new wall.

Putting solid stone pier caps on the pillars.

On the same job we built a 6ft high boundary wall out of reclaimed coursed stone. We built the wall with diminishing courses in a dry stone style and a mortar infill.

We had to dig down a metre to find ground solid enough to provide a firm footing for our wall. The stone from the original wall was used to build the foundations for the new wall which would be hidden underground.

The wall was built on mortar beds where it wouldn't be seen. As the wall progressed the trench was filled in.

All the stone had to be measured and put into piles of the same size stone ready for building with.

Nearly there!

The wall was finished off with an 18" wide sawn flat stone coping.